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Finding Faith Valerie Knupp

Finding Faith

Valerie Knupp

Published June 3rd 2014
ISBN : 9780989902915
290 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Dr. Jack Tyler has been patiently waiting for it to be safe to return to the United States and his wife, Hope. A fresh start and a new beginning within reach... Just when everything seems to be coming together perfectly, he realizes something is missing. Recent FBI graduate, Maxine Nichols, finds herself chasing demons as her new world and the past begin to collide. In the sleepy rural towns of central Illinois, children have gone missing. The race against time to stop a madman feels very familiar. She begins to wonder if Dr. Jack Tyler is back, and if so, what he is up to this time makes her skin crawl. Will Max win? Or will new demons chase her into the future?